Square Footage Verification

Square footage in a listing is usually an estimate. When an appraiser calculates square footage they use exact measurement from a site visit to the property to calculate square footage. Appraisers look at the gross living area (GLA) of a residential property when determining valuation.


“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Pictures are a required part of most appraisals. Photos can show condition, unique features of a property, detail reasons for cost adjustments to value. A property sketch provides a birds eye view of a property layout with measurements.

Pre-Listing Valuation

A pre-listing valuation provides a seller with an uninterested party value of your property so you can determine fair market value of your property. This appraisal type allows a seller to enter the sales market to prince their home and negotiate the sale with confidence.

Market Value for Listing or Selling

Buyers or sellers can be confident making a decision in the real estate market with a value for listing or selling. Receiving this report from an appraiser who is not vested in the transaction can provide valuable decision making information and vital property details.

FSBO Appraisal

For the independent seller; you can provide interested buyers with a market valuation to illustrate market pricing and provide vital property details. This report can help you and a potential buyer arrive at a fair price for your home.